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Gipsy Point

East Gippsland | Victoria

Local Activities

Mallacoota & the Wilderness Coast

The Wilderness Coast of Far East Gippsland features beautiful scenery and abundant flora and fauna. GiPSY POiNT LODGE is ideally located to explore these environments and take advantage of the numerous bush walking and mountain biking opportunities they offer.  The local system of lakes and rivers in particularly are perfect for a wide range of fishing, boating and canoeing activities | more on fishing & boating at Gipsy Point


Boating is safe and enjoyable on the Mallacoota Inlet and we have Hobie kayaks and canoes for hire from GiPSY POiNT LODGEThere are many well maintained picnic areas around the local lakes and rivers that are only accessible by boat. All of these have jetties, picnic tables, BBQ and toilet facilities | more on boating at Gipsy Point

Boat cruises also operate from Gipsy Point Main Jetty (a short walk from GiPSY POiNT LODGE) three days a week and both the Mallacoota Public and Karbeethong jetties. These are a great way to explore the Mallacoota Inlet and associated waterways.


Croajingolong National Park and the Wilderness Coast offer a range of beautiful forest, heath land and coastal environments ideally suited for bush walking, hiking and mountain biking activities. Moderate walks include Genoa Peak, The Narrows and the Shipwreck Creek Heathland – as well as the many local pristine beaches.

Mallacoota (a short drive from Gipsy Point) also features a network of local walks. A shared pathway for pedestrians and cyclists follows the Bottom Lake from Karbeethong Jetty to Mallacoota and is a very popular walk, particularly the boardwalk sections with purpose built fishing platforms.


Fishing is a very popular at Gipsy Point and right around the Mallacoota Inlet in general.  The Inlet is renowned for its black bream and dusky flathead – with tailor, luderick, perch, garfish and mulloway also regularly caught | more on boating and fishing at Gipsy Point


Wildlife is both common and very approachable at Gipsy Point. Encounters with gliders, bats, goannas, water dragons, kangaroos and wallabies are not uncommon – and even the elusive platypus is sometimes sited.

Bird watching around Gipsy Point is also very popular – with the local mix of woodlands, open forest and the extensive waterways nearby supporting a wide range of species. These varied environments also support a wide range of interesting native plants and wildflowers – including many species of orchids.


Gipsy Point is only a short drive (20km / 15 minutes) from Mallacoota which is renowned for its beautiful Inlet, various fishing opportunities, pristine coastal scenery and unique forest ecosystems. Mallacoota also features an 18 hole golf course and bowling club, a hotel, cafés, supermarkets, a chemist, banking facilities, petrol stations and an airport suitable for chartered flights.

Gabo Island, 7km along the coast from Mallacoota, is another local tourist attraction featuring a magnificent lighthouse quarried from the local pink granite. Access is by charter boat or plane.

Local Region

Gipsy Point is not only the ideal base to explore the Wildnerness Coast of Victoria but is also only a short drive from Eden, NSW – the gateway to the Sapphire Coast.  In less than an hour’s drive from GiPSY POiNT LODGE visitors can also experience:

  • Greencape Lighthouse and Bittangabee Bay
  • Boyd’s Tower and Davidson’s Whaling Station
  • Point Hicks National Park & lighthouse
  • Wingan Inlet and Mueller River
  • Eden – with its Whale Museum, beaches, harbour and wharves

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